mercredi 4 septembre 2013

From our colleagues and friends in NYC

Hello all,
We hope that you had a great summer! Hard to believe it went by so rapidly!

The ECC is back from summer break with its first meeting of the season, featuring ECC co-founder Will Goldfarb visiting us from Bali. Our September meeting will take place on Thursday, September 12, from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Chemistry Department at NYU, room 1003 (31 Washington Place, between Washington Square Park and Greene Street). You will need a photo ID to enter the building.    
Literary inspirations form the basis of the latest series of desserts to come out of the Mejekawi Lab at KUDETA in Bali. Chef Will Goldfarb, ECC co-founder, will be in town for one night only, or thereabouts, telling tales of storytelling, and referencing the series inspired by the birth of the nation he now calls home: Indonesia. 
Please RSVP at A link is also posted on our website. If you RSVP and can no longer make it, please let me know right away so that your seat can be released---thank you! 

All my best,


Anne E. McBride
Director, Experimental Cuisine Collective 

The Experimental Cuisine Collective is a working group that assembles scholars, scientists, chefs, writers, journalists, performance artists, and food enthusiasts. We launched in April 2007, as a result of the collaboration of Kent Kirshenbaum of the chemistry department and Amy Bentley of the nutrition, food studies, and public health department at New York University with Chef Will Goldfarb of WillPowder. Our overall aim is to develop a broad-based and rigorous academic approach that employs techniques and approaches from both the humanities and sciences to examine the properties, boundaries, and conventions of food.

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