mercredi 1 janvier 2014

Happy New Year

Dear Friends

The world is not restricted to my  small surrounding, but 2013 was not so bad:
- we went on with our monthly seminar of molecular gastronomy (after 13 years), and we got many thankflul messages from the culinary world
- note by note cooking developed explosively, and it goes on in this way
- we actively fought against "fear merchants", in particular in the frame of the French Academy of agriculture
- using blogs, we explained broadly that science is different from technology and technique
- we tested many new educational methods, et we proposed broadly many educational new ideas
- we helped the regional Science and Food Culture Circles to develop and work
- we looked for more "Light" through articles, internets sites, posts...
- we went on our scientific studies, with many colleagues and students
- we had the 20th group for the Institutes for Advanced Studies in Gastronomy
- we contributed to develop molecular gastronomy in many countries of the world
Many of these works were achieved with your help : thanks !

Let's walk toward more Light in 2014.
Happy New Year to you

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