lundi 5 mai 2014

Answering questions of a student

Here is the message :
Well, I'm a little discouraged with physics. In fact, this year I started a
course in patisserie and I was thinking about leaving the field so that one
of my dreams, which is gastronomy, could be followed. On the other hand, it
seems to me that your work is in the interface between physics and
gastronomy, which seems perfect given my situation.

Then, I would like to know i) how your research is, ii) what the Agro
Tech's objectives are and iii) if there is a possibility of some kind of
scholarship to work/study with you.

And here is my answer :

If you are discouraged with physics, then you should not consider molecular gastronomy, because this is physical chemistry.
On the other hand, if you are OK with pastry, then you should "cook".
On one side, equations ; on the other love, art and technique.

By the way, I fear that you are using wrongly the word gastronomy, because it means "knowledge", not haute cuisine.

Is my work at the limit of gastronomy and physics ? No, indeed, because it is inside gastronomy (with the right definition that I gave above).

About my research : see one paper attached
About AgroParisTech : teaching food technology and science, but also agronomy and environment sciences
Scholarship : possible through FIPDes Erasmus Mundus Master programme, or others.
But again, you should first consider your goal. As if you would like to work as an artist, long studies in science and technology are useless. On the contrary, if you want to work for the food industry, food technology is very important. And of course, if you are crazy enough to do science, then scientific studies should be favored.


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