lundi 1 septembre 2014

"Selling mysefl"

Today, I get an email from a student who asks me to help him to "sell himself" to the industry.
This student was educated in engineering/technology programmes, and proposes to be a "R&D chef".

This needs some discussion.

First, I don't understand the idea of "selling himself". What I propose, instead, is rather to find of group of future friends to which some help will be given. If a company is having too much work, it looks for people who can help, who can contribute, who can take part of the load, who can perform some tasks which have to be performed.
As a consequence, I would personnally propose to help, instead of "selling myself".

But there is more: a engineer being a chefs seems a bad idea. Indeed, when you produce food, at home, in a restaurant or in a company, you have to do technique, art, and sociality ("love"), as explained in my book "Cooking, a quintessential art".
For art, we need artists, so that chefs should not be very good in technique, but top in art.
For technique, we need engineers, and this is where I would advise my young friend to apply.
For sociality... this is a big issue.

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