samedi 23 octobre 2010

Some hints for using the Ateliers expérimentaux du goût

Here in France, the new official curriculum for all colleges introduced the topic "science and cooking" (I remind you that there will never be any "science in the kitchen", as science is science, and cooking is technique).
Hence, the Ateliers expérimentaux du goût and the Ateliers Science & Cuisine get a new interest.
How to use these educational tools?
You will find some hints on :

Sorry, it's in French!

Vive la gourmandise éclairée!

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  1. I take great interest in teaching school children about the science behind the cooking from my past experience as a teacher. I have recently setup Culinary Science ( with the aim of teaching the science to teachers of cooking within the UK. There are many different ways of exciting students into this subject, the mere tasting of food is a start! I welcome any collective discussions on this subject.

    Kind regards

    David Mason