mardi 25 janvier 2011

From our American colleague

Hello all,

The January meeting of the Experimental Cuisine Collective will take place on Wednesday, January 19, from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Chemistry Department at NYU, room 1003 (31 Washington Place, between Washington Square Park and Greene Street). You will need a photo ID to enter the building.

Einav Gefen, corporate chef for Unilever North America, will share what a research and development chef for a large food company does on a daily basis and how products get developed. After working as a restaurant chef and a chef-instructor, she is now one of 250 chefs employed by Unilever around the world. She will discuss how she is responsible for setting the bar, from a culinary point of view, for culinary development, keeping a pulse on restaurant and food trends, and inspiring passion for food; functions as a quality gatekeeper throughout the development process; and provides support for product innovations and rejuvenations and internal culinary education.

Please RSVP at A link is also posted on our website. If you RSVP and can no longer make it, please let me know so that your seat can be released. Thank you.

All my best,

Anne McBribe

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