mardi 5 avril 2011

From our Lebanese friends

Dear All,

On behalf of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, we like to thank you all for your presence during the First Lebanese Seminar on Molecular Gastronomy held at Sofil-catering the 28th of March 2011, with the presence of Prof Hervé This.

I think we all appreciated this moment of interesting collaboration between food scientists and culinary chefs among friendly atmosphere, while discussing particular culinary precisions from our Lebanese culinary patrimoine.

I like to thank on your behalf Prof Hervé This for his support and his kind presence last week that made us all think differently about our respective jobs, thinking that we could all evolve by collaborating together. I hope with your help we will be able to prove to Prof This that the team initiated by his presence will continue with future seminars exploring together the Lebanese culinary traditions, with the aim to learn together and why not innovate from time to time!

I like to invite you all as planned for the Seminar N°2 that will take place next Monday 11th of April from 4:00PM to 6:00 PM at the ground floor food laboratory of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences-USEK, Kaslik. Prof Hervé This won’t be with us but he is certainly part of our team and we will share our results in the form of reports (kindly check the attached report on the last seminar).

Also, you will find attached the picture took last time to keep in our memory this special moment …

Please feel free to diffuse the invitation to whom is interested but we would appreciate an email confirmation before Friday.


Dr Reine Barbar

Secrétaire académique

Faculté des Sciences Agronomiques

Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik

B.P. 446 | Jounieh | Liban

(t) 961 9 600874 | (f) 961 9 600871

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