dimanche 2 octobre 2011

"Good Food"

Much confusion remains today about Molecular Gastronomy and cuisine.
Of course, those who come in this blog know well that molecular gastronomy is a scientific activity, and that molecular cuisine is an application of it (definition : using new tools, new ingredients, new methods).
However, I recently stumbled on "culinary science" : indeed this is not possible as far as "science" is used in the meaning of "philosophia naturalis" (the title of Newton's book), i.e. science of nature, and not only "knowledge".
It does not mean that cooks have no "science" (knowledge), but this has nothing to do with the activity of "scientists", such as chemists, biologists, physicists...

And what about "the science of good food"? This definition of molecular gastronomy was given by people who did not enough consider what science is (and indeed some are food writers, not scientists). Such a "science" cannot exist, in the meaning of philosophia naturalis, because "good" is not of scientific nature (refutable, let's say for short).

Please use "molecular gastronomy" to describe the scientific investigation of culinary phenomena, keeping in mind that science (philosophia naturalis) is looking for the mechanisms of phenomena, using the "scientific method" (see another post).

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