vendredi 14 septembre 2012

funny communication

Dear Friends,

I get this email

I am writing because, for here in America the term Gourmetología, is this sometimes substituting the Molecular gastronomy.

I asked if it is a new philosophy or if you are introducing changes in the concepts...Although guided me for the etymology of the word if treated the gourmet taste
And here is my answer : 
some people play the name game, which means that they do strange things, inventing new names for things that have already one ("modernist cuisine" ;-) for example ).

No, there is no change :
1. Molecular gastronomy is a scientific activity called molecular gastronomy
2. molecular cuisine is cuisine with new tools, ingredients, methods
3. Note by note cuisine is cuisine using pure compounds instead of complex mixtures called vegetables, fruits, meats or fishs


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